These Celebrities Were All Cheerleaders Before Making It Big

Who's got spirit? Well, once upon a time, these stars did! These celebrities always had a knack for putting on a show and got started with cheerleading. Whether they were the cheer captain or just yelling up to the bleachers, these are the most famous faces to shake some pom-poms.

Cameron Diaz

Before she was a movie star, Cameron was a teenager just like everyone else. In her teen years, the blondie was a peppy cheerleader attending Long Beach Polytechnic High School. She wore green and yellow to represent the school colors, but later on, those facial expressions came in handy for a myriad of auditions. 


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The More You Know

  • Jennifer Lopez was the first actress to have a movie and an album hit number one in the same week.
  • Bill Murray was arrested when he was 20 for trying to bring 10 pounds of marijuana on a plane.
  • Matthew Broderick was convicted of careless driving in a car accident in which two people died.
  • Before he was a star, Harrison Ford was a carpenter. He landed the role of Han Solo in the original Star Wars film. “I was quite surprised when I was offered the part,” Ford later said.
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