These Are The Powerful Women Behind The World's Richest Men

By 11 months ago

Typically, men get the spotlight when they're rich business owners or investors. However, paparazzi tend to forget that a marriage takes two, and often times wealthy and intelligent men attract wealthy and intelligent women. These famous wives are successful in their own careers, if not even more so than their husbands...

Malia Andelin

Andelin was working as a Viacom flight attendant when she caught the eye of her now-husband, Sumner Redstone. A high profile businessman, he owns the National Amusements Group, the parent company of many major TV networks. She was in her 20s at the time, and Redstone was 89.


Philanthropic Opportunities

Though they weren't together for a long time, Redstone's wealth and connections allowed her to make business ventures of her own. In 2012, Andelin received $75,000 to secure an $850,000 donation for the Global Poverty Project. Redstone died on August 10th, 2020.

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