These Are The Most Valuable Vinyl Records To Date

By 1 year ago

Ever wonder how much that old box of vinyl records collecting dust in your basement might actually be worth? The price tags on some of these classic LPs might inspire you to create an eBay account ASAP.

Nirvana, Bleach (1989)

Though Nevermind gets the most radio time, it’s the debut album that should be the most respected. The original pressing sold for a whopping $2,5000. However, if you have the red and white 12″ or blue 7″, then you can get as much as $1,100.


The Beatles, Abbey Road (1969)

A particularly rare version of this iconic LP goes for upwards of $4,000! If your copy has a catalog number of PPCS 7088, you’d better get on eBay ASAP if you’re willing to part with it. Though originally met with mixed critic reviews, Abbey Road is one of the most iconic albums from the ’60’s.

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