These Are The Absolute Worst Movies Ever

If you’ve ever seen any of these Z-list movies, it’s understandable if you’ve never seen a film since..

“Evidence” (2013)

A classic example of found-footage that just isn’t used right. This one might be the most shoddy, thrown-together flicks in a long time.


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The More You Know

  • Fantasia (1940) was originally a short called The Sorcerers Apprentice, but Walt Disney overspent on the score and decided to make it feature length film rather than waste money.
  • They designed E.T.'s face by combining Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg and a pug dog.
  • Each frame of the CGI scenes in James Cameron’s, Avatar (1/24 of a second) took an average of 47 hours to render.
  • While Titanic holds the record for consecutive weeks at the top spot (15), E.T. beats it by one in total weeks at Number One.
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