These Actors Were Switched Out of Their Roles And No One Noticed

It can be hard to imagine anyone but our favorite actors in some of their most iconic roles, but in many cases, it comes down to a last-minute change to create the perfect cast. Whether another offer is on the table, or there is bad blood behind the scenes, sometimes actors are recast right in the middle of shooting. What would your favorite flick look like with a new lead?

Silence of The Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is one of the most well-known and highly respected horror movies of the last few decades. It was so impressive that it even earned seven Oscar nominations. Jodie Foster won for her performance of Clarice Starling, the newbie FBI agent, but in the show Hannibal, Julianne Moore took over the role. Apparently, Jodie just wasn't up for another round of the spooky series. 


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The More You Know

  • Paris Hilton has size 11 feet.
  • Elvis Presley was a natural blonde.
  • Before she was a megastar, Madonna worked at Dunkin Donuts. She got fired for squirting jelly on a customer.
  • Jennifer Aniston was known as the class clown in high school.
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