There’s Literally a Word for All the Books That You Have Piled up but Don’t Read

Languages are really incredible. For things that are nearly indescribable in English can be understood with just one single word in Japanese!

Are you guilty of hoarding tons of books but not having read any of them? Well, it’s extremely common (as you probably thought!). In Japan, they have a word for that, and it is “tsundoku.”

Tsundoku refers to the stack of books you’ve bought but haven’t read yet. Many American’s were shocked at this and took a look at their own Tsundoku!

Whether it is your decorating style or just an accidental pile from when you went a little too crazy at your local bookstore, it’s so prominent in Japanese culture that they just up and made a word for it! What does your tsundoku look like?

The guilt of having all of these books kinda fades, right? Maybe you can add some more! There’s nothing better than a good tsundoku.

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