A Titanic Replica is Setting Sail in 2022

The Titanic 2.0… it’s a thing.

A replica of the infamous RMS Titanic, which sunk on its maiden voyage in 1912, killing 1,503 people, is setting sail in 2022.

News first broke in 2012 of the replica’s creation. Titanic II will feature the same layout and interior as the first ship, will even follow the same course (without the whole iceberg thing this time around).

Icebergs aside, there will be far better safety procedures in place. The first being: enough safety boats for all. While the original only had 20 boats to accommodate 1,178 people, while the ship itself could carry 3,327 passengers and crew, they opted for fewer boats because it, well, wasn’t a good look.

This time around the 2,400 passengers on-board will dine on the same menu items from the first Titanic.

While the Titanic II won’t be an exact replica, due to modern safety standards, it will have first, second, and third-class tickets for sale.

“The new Titanic will, of course, have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation, and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st-century ship,” James McDonald, global marketing director of Palmer’s company Blue Star Line, said. 

The Titanic II will have nine floors and 840 cabins, a swimming pool, Turkish baths, and gyms.

While relatives of passengers of the original ship think this new take is insensitive, overall, the Blue Star Line has received great feedback.

But the people of Twitter have voted, and while 35% say they would board the Titanic 2.0, 65% of voters said they wouldn’t step foot on the ship.

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