The Terrifying Truth Behind the Real Chucky Doll

By 2 years ago

Child’s Play scared and shocked audiences all around the world, but many don’t know the film is based on a true story. Once upon a time, there was a real Chucky doll, and he was just as creepy as the movie knockoff. Read on to find out all the eerie inside information…

A Birthday Gift

On Robert Gene Otto’s fourth birthday in 1904, he received a gift from his grandfather. The gift was a doll he bought in Germany from the Steiff Company, though there are other stories…


Who Tells the Truth?

Others say Robert Gene (or Gene) got the doll from a young Bahamian girl as revenge for a wrong done by the Otto family. Maybe he was a voodoo doll since voodoo began in Bahamian. That would explain the events still to come…

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