The Mysterious Crimes of the North Pond Hermit

By 2 years ago

The small town of North Pond, Maine have a scary secret in their midst. For years, the locals and vacationers lives were unsettled when a mysterious stranger made his way through town, burglarizing homes in the middle of the night while barely leaving a trace. No matter how much investigation or security was set up, the Hermit would still strike and then disappear. It took nearly 30 years for them to catch him, but when they did, they were shocked to hear his side of the story.

Bizarre Noises

The neighbors in the small, quiet town of North Pond would sometimes hear bizarre rumblings in during the night. With so much wildlife around them, the locals didn’t think too much of it. It could be raccoons on the roof, deer in the garbage, or even foxes playing in the yard. No one thought that a person may be the source of the noises… Until things began to go missing. The weirdest part? The objects that were going missing were just… bizarre.


Things Are Going Missing

When things began to go missing, the victim’s noticed that it was just small, invaluable objects. He would take books, magazines, maybe some old t-shirts, and some food. Anything of value was left untouched. The locals were so confused at what would be happening. Many of the vacation families would come back to their homes to notice that those small things were nowhere to be found… Nothing was broken, nothing was left messy. Just small objects around the home were gone. This started happening so often that people began to really get into the mystery…

Who Is Doing It?

In a classic small-town move, many myths and rumors started going around about these bizarre string of burglaries and break-ins. Eventually, locals began to create nicknames for this night bandit. Some popular ones are, “Mountain Main,” “Hungry Man,” and “North Pond Hermit.” The town was on edge about this mysterious man that breaks into homes for some necessities. Soon, the locals began to fight back. Many put forth extra security measures to make sure that the doors and windows were unable to be opened. Residents and local police were on the hunt for this thief. They even set up cameras…

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