The Mysterious Crimes of the North Pond Hermit

Things Are Going Missing

When things began to go missing, the victim’s noticed that it was just small, invaluable objects. He would take books, magazines, maybe some old t-shirts, and some food. Anything of value was left untouched. The locals were so confused at what would be happening. Many of the vacation families would come back to their homes to notice that those small things were nowhere to be found… Nothing was broken, nothing was left messy. Just small objects around the home were gone. This started happening so often that people began to really get into the mystery…


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The More You Know

  • The first breakfast cereal had to be soaked overnight before it could be eaten.
  • Male seahorses bear their young.
  • A pack of chihuahuas once terrorized a town in Arizona.
  • There's a Russian village where every resident is a tightrope walker.
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