The Most Universally Despised TV Characters of All Time

George Costanza – Seinfeld

The whole point of Seinfeld is that all of the characters are fatally flawed. That being said, George was the worst offender of them all. His unforgivable misbehaviors include, but are not limited to: pretending to be disabled to get a job, pushing children and his girlfriend’s elderly mother out of the way to save himself from a fire, and creating a charity to avoid purchasing Christmas presents. Also, let’s not forget that he accidentally killed Susan.


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The More You Know

  • The blue meth in Breaking Bad is rock candy.
  • The extremely popular British sci-fi television series Doctor Who ran from 1963 to 1989 and was re-booted in 2005; the title character, Dr. Who, has so far been played by 13 different actors, including female Jodi Whittaker, during its run.
  • Brett Wicks, who designed the logo for the show, originally thought The Sopranos was about singers, not mobsters.
  • In the earlier episodes of Fresh Prince, Will Smith would learn the entire script, which means sometimes he can be seen mouthing other actor's lines.
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