The Most Universally Despised TV Characters of All Time

Marnie Michaels – Girls

Whether it was her inherent lack of self-awareness, desperate need for attention, or disastrous taste in men, most things about Marnie were difficult to love. Marnie's fall from grace only made her more insufferable. She did earn some much-needed independence in the very —but knowing Marnie, it wasn't fated to last for long.


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The More You Know

  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Valerie Harper almost didn't get the part of Rhoda because she was too "attractive." Apparently the producers had someone more "unkempt" in mind.
  • All in the Family' had the most spinoffs
  • Game of Thrones, Band of Brothers, and The Pacific are among the most expensive television series ever made. An average episode of The Pacific cost $20 million to produce.
  • I Love Lucy' developed modern sitcom filming methods
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