The Most Outrageous U.S. Conspiracy Theories

By 8 months ago

For most people, conspiracy theories are a fun way to stir up some conversation at a dinner party or among a small group of friends. For others, learning about conspiracy theories are a way of life. Most theories are conjured up from distrust in the government, and others are formed from inexplicable happenings. These are the most popular conspiracy theories from the U.S. that you might not know about!

Mind-Control Facility in Alaska

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program helps scientists study the farthest distance of the atmosphere. The facility that the program takes place in resides in the deep Alaskan wilderness on a whopping 33 acres of land. It has over 180 antennas, which looks alarming... 


Some people have claimed that the antennas are an experimental weapon that attempts to control people's minds. Crazed theorists have even claimed that the antennas caused the Columbia space shuttle to destruct in 2003. After years of speculation, the facility held an open house to anyone interested in viewing the goings-on of the program. Nothing to see here! Allegedly.

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