The Most Mysterious Unsolved Disappearances of All Time

Even though it might seem impossible, some people really do vanish into thin air. While some evidence may point to foul play, other times, the circumstances of a missing-persons case are simply too bewildering to fathom. From secret stalkers to faulty surveillance footage to laptops at the bottom of a riverbank, these unsolved disappearances are the strangest, most unsettling cases of all time…

Lars Mittank

On June 30, 2014, 28-year-old German man Lars Mittank was vacationing at a seaside resort with his friends. A few days later, on July 6, Mittank got into a fight with four other men over football. Mittank ruptured his eardrum in the fight. As a result, his doctor encouraged him not to fly home with the rest of his group. Mittank checked into a cheap Bulgarian hotel alone. He had been prescribed an antibiotic, Cefuroxime, at the hospital.


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The More You Know

  • Nutella was invented during WWII, when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his chocolate ration.
  • The "Like" button on Facebook was supposed to be the "Awesome" button.
  • The youngest parents in the world were aged 8 and 9.
  • There are around 2,000 thunderstorms happening on Earth at all times.
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