The Most Influential Drummers of All Time

The world has seen a multitude of fantastic drummers—but where did they come from? These drummers are the greatest of the great, the cream of the crop, and they sit far above the rest in the historic record of percussion. 

John Bonham

John Bonham led the band Led Zeppelin through their absolute best years. Bonham was an early adopter of polyrhythms that complicated otherwise normal songs in standard time signatures. He also popularized the rock and roll sound on songs like Good Times Bad Times due to their sloppy nature and "poor" recording quality. 


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The More You Know

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan was the guitarist on David Bowie‘s Let’s Dance album
  • While on tour with Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page dated a 14-year-old girl. Try getting away with that today.
  • Eminem’s "Rap God" has the most words in a song, at a whopping 1,560 words.
  • All members of Nirvana were kicked out from their own release party for starting a food fight.
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