The Most Influential Drummers of All Time

His Claim to Fame

One of Bonham's most incredible achievements was writing the polyrhythm intro to Fool in the Rain. If you've ever listened to that song, just know that Bonham literally had to do the math to make sure the drum part he wanted to play would work. That's pretty impressive for a self-taught musician. 


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The More You Know

  • Travis Barker told CBS Local that his first ever hero was Animal from The Muppets, crediting the character as his inspiration to pursue drumming.
  • Barry Manilow did not, in fact, write “I Write The Songs.”
  • Ringo Starr was the original narrator for the UK version of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Freddie Mercury helped Princess Diana sneak into a bar by disguising her in an army jacket, a cap and sunglasses.
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