The Most Iconic Ice Cream Flavors In Each State

By 9 months ago

Ice cream makes everything better, regardless of what your favorite flavor might be. However, every state has something they can call their own. Whether it's the creation of a truly unusual flavor or a classic cream, these are the most iconic ice cream flavors in every single state. 

Alabama - Butter Pecan

Now, this is what they call homestyle! Butter pecan ice cream is the iconic flavor of this southern state. Alabama is capitalizing on their state nut, which of course, is the pecan. This is a flavor that can be found all around the country, but nowhere does it better than AL. Too sweet!


Alaska - Eskimo Ice Cream

Alaska is unlike any other state, so it deserves a truly unique flavor to call it's own. Akutaq is the proper name for this frozen treat, but it is well known as Eskimo ice cream to locals. It also isn't exactly ice cream, since there is no cream in the mix. This recipe includes whipped fat, berries (typically cranberries or blueberries), and added sugar. 

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