The Most Iconic Celebrity Feuds of the Decade

By 1 year ago

Let's face it: celebrity drama is extremely entertaining. Even if you're someone who doesn't follow celebrity life or entertainment news, you've definitely heard of a few of these feuds. The best ones are the ones that happened on TV or in public... Some of them were crazy enough to make it to local news! In the spirit of the new year (and a new decade) lets take a trip down memory lane at some of these celeb's worst public moments. 

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

This was probably one of the biggest pop star feuds of the decade. It all started behind the scenes when Katy Perry allegedly tried to hire the same backup dancers who were slotted to tour with Taylor Swift. After Swift dropped “Bad Blood”, she admitted that it was about a pop star who tried to sabotage her tour. Perry basically outed herself as being the pop star in question and they trolled each other back and forth for a few years. 

The Pettiest Moves


During Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon in 2017, Perry claimed that Swift started the feud and that she needed to finish it. When Perry dropped Witness on June 10th of that year, Swift released her entire backlog onto Spotify, something that’s been deeply sought after. Then, Taylor released “Look What You Made Me Do” and Perry released “Swish, Swish.” Both were diss-tracks to each other. In 2018, the two ladies made peace and even collaborated on the feminist-driven song, “You Need to Calm Down.”

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