The Man Who Survived Being Shot Through the Head By the World’s Strongest Laser

By 1 year ago

Anatoli Bugorski is a Russian scientist who defied all laws of physics and he is miraculously still alive today.

The Grim Reality

Scientists that work with particle accelerators are at constant risk of being exposed to massive amounts of radiation. Fortunately, laboratories that have this type of equipment are put under strict guidelines to ensure the safety of their scientists, but when the perfect storm of mechanical failures occurs, there is no telling what could happen.


The Man in Question

Anatoli Bugorski was a Russian scientist who was working at the Institute for High Energy Physics in 1978. He was working on the U-70 synchrotron particle accelerator, which is still the most powerful particle accelerator in Russia. That day, there Anatoli was searching for malfunctioning pieces of equipment, just when everything went wrong…

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