The Jonas Brothers Surprise Fan at Penn State Hospital

Lily Jordan was excited to see her favorite band at their concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania, instead, though, she was stuck in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

She was heartbroken she couldn’t attend the concert, so she posted on Instagram inviting the guys to stop by her hospital room.

Much to her surprise, her post was shared multiple times with the Jonas Brothers. Even Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry made a post for the young girl, asking the Jonas Brothers to try and pay her a visit.

Lily was shocked when her wish actually came true.

The Jonas Brothers stopped by Lily’s hospital room to say hi before their show. The hospital shared a video of the meeting on Facebook.

“Wow. The power of social media, you guys,” Lily wrote on Instagram. “YOU did this. YOU made my crappy chemo session into something incredibly special and unforgettable. Literally made my life.”

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