Doctors Were Shocked When a Stomachache Turned Into this Fatal Condition

When this teen girl felt a small pain in her stomach, she found herself getting rushed to the hospital. She didn’t expect to find a fatal condition taking over her body. Doctors were amazed, confused, and terrified for the girl. Find out what went down by reading on…

Atlanta McBride

In Halifax, West Yorkshire, 14-year-old Atlanta McBride noticed that she wasn’t feeling good. In fact, she felt an abrupt but subtle pain cover her abdomen, like a stomachache but so much worse. She was taken to the hospital…


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The More You Know

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  • It costs the U.S. Mint almost twice as much to mint each penny and nickel as the coins are actually worth. Taxpayers lost over $100 million in 2013 just through the coins being made.
  • During your lifetime, you will spend around seventy-nine days brushing your teeth.
  • There are around 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. If you took them all out and laid them end to end, they’d stretch around the world more than twice.
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