Doctors Were Shocked When a Stomachache Turned Into this Fatal Condition

By 1 year ago

When this teen girl felt a small pain in her stomach, she found herself getting rushed to the hospital. She didn’t expect to find a fatal condition taking over her body. Doctors were amazed, confused, and terrified for the girl. Find out what went down by reading on…

Atlanta McBride

In Halifax, West Yorkshire, 14-year-old Atlanta McBride noticed that she wasn’t feeling good. In fact, she felt an abrupt but subtle pain cover her abdomen, like a stomachache but so much worse. She was taken to the hospital…

Hospital Visit


After meeting with doctors, they determined that it was just nerves. Years later, they’d discover it was a burst appendix. Sadly, by the time she was 18, it would be too late to save her completely…

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