The Downton Abbey Castle Is Hosting a Christmas Ball

Calling all Downton Abbey fans!

If you’re sitting on a small fortune and miss the days when Downton Abbey graced your screen, you can dine at a glamorous Christmas ball at the English estate where the series was filmed.

While the series was fictional, the estate where it was filmed is quite real. Highclere Castle in Hampshire England was built back in 1679 on a 5,000-acre estate.

The estate is home to the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon but you can visit the estate on Dec. 15th.

A Christmas Ball is going to be held at Highclere, but it isn’t cheap. The tickets are priced at $624 which includes a champagne and canapé reception, a three-course dinner, tours of the estate, a raffle, Christmas carol performance, and a chance visit from the Lord and Lady.

Downton fans now’s your chance to get inside the acclaimed series.

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