The Disgusting Food Museum is Opening in Sweden

Brace yourselves, food connoisseurs—a museum dedicated to showcasing the world’s yuckiest foods is opening on 29 October in Malmö, Sweden.

The Disgusting Food Museum’s curator and chief “disgustologist” Samuel West stated that his intention is to alter how people perceive certain foods. “If disgust is cultural and contextual, then it is also changeable,” he said. West hopes that the museum will play a role in helping to normalize “ecologically sustainable protein sources, such as insects.”

The foods come from far and wide. The list includes strange delicacies like three-penis wine (specifically deer, seal, and Cantonese black dog), casu marzu (maggot-infested cheese), Chinese mouse wine, the famously smelly durian fruit, surströmming (fermented Swedish herring), and a cheese known as Sardinian Viagria, which is said to taste like gasoline and ammonia mixed with wax.

Do you have what it takes to stomach fermented mare milk or stinky tofu? For only $20 a pop, find out if your body can handle the grossness.

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