People Accurately Predicted Duchess Meghan’s Pregnancy During Eugenie’s Wedding

Over the weekend, the Royal Family was blessed with another wedding. Princess Eugenie got married, bringing the Royal Family into the spotlight once again. Brits love a good Royal Wedding! This time around, there was more buzz than usual…

It’s been rumored ever since Duke Harry and Duchess Meghan got married that she was pregnant. People thought whenever she wore a jacket or a dress that billowed over her belly that she was trying to hide something, but it was usually just silly remarks since they were still excited about the new marriage.

This weekend was much different. As people eagerly watched the family arrive, they noticed something actually different about the Duchess.

This is something that is actually true, and many people hopped on this speculation-train because it’s such a substantiated claim. Looking at some of her past outfits, she is definitely far from conservative.

This made people think, well, there’s a point to be made there! The Duchess usually opts for a cinched waist midi dress. This time, the fashionable (but bulky) overcoat was the choice, making people begin to speculate… And much to their surprise, they were actually right.

Adding another baby to the family is always exciting, and everyone is eager to welcome the new addition!

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