The Creepiest Netflix Horror Movies Streaming Right in Time for Halloween

In the mood to be disturbed, terrified, or generally freaked out? Look no further than this season’s Netflix horror picks. From Stephen King classics to contemporary hits, these movies are sure to make your skin crawl.

Under the Skin (2013)

Scarlett Johansson plays a strange, otherworldly woman who wanders around Scotland seducing men and luring them to their deaths. Its beautiful and haunting atmosphere is further cemented by the fact that almost all the characters weren’t played by actors. Sequences in which Johansson picks up men in the van were unscripted, filmed with hidden cameras.


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The More You Know

  • Some fish have human-like teeth.
  • If the sun exploded right now, you wouldn't know about it for another eight minutes.
  • Medical errors cause around 250,000 deaths every year.
  • A body decomposes four times faster in water than on land
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