The Craziest Youtube Controversies

By 1 year ago

Content creators on Youtube are the new celebrity. Even though they are seemingly “normal” folks, that doesn’t mean that controversies and drama don’t follow them around! Here are some of the wildest controversies to ever hit Youtube…


Onision was popular a while ago due to his annoying “I’m a Banana” song that was picked up by Tosh.0. His entire career is made of offensive and uncomfortable skits along with bizarre commentary videos that were only popular in the early 2010s. He’s still making the same skits and commentaries but can barely break 10k views. He’s had more controversies than anyone can count…

Alleged Abuser


He used to rate underaged girls’ bodies on his videos. He’s harassed multiple YouTubers, most notably Shane Dawson, Eugenia Cooney, and Jaclyn Glenn. He’s admitted to dating multiple teenagers over the past few years, citing “legality.” He married his current spouse when he was 26 and his spouse was 17. He’s currently in the midst of another controversy where his ex-wife, ex-sister-in-law, and three ex-girlfriends are exposing him for his hebephilic tendencies, abusive patterns, and evidence of grooming a minor. He’s also in his mid-30s and consistently trying to speak and relate to teenagers on his platforms.

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