The Best Store-Bought Thanksgiving Shortcuts

A huge part of Thanksgiving dinner is laboring away in the kitchen for lunch-time dinner. For some people, that's the best part! For others, it's the worst and biggest stressor of the day. 

Bon Appétit test kitchen director Chris Morocco sat down with Good Morning America to tell folks what the best store-bought substitutes are for Thanksgiving day.

"I think you can get totally crafty when it comes to all kinds of store-bought stuff," he told "Good Morning America." "I have extremely limited amounts of time in the kitchen, so I have to use meaningful shortcuts all the time in order kind of make my own celebrations and feasts happen. I hope people don't labor under the assumption that chefs aren't necessarily doing everything from scratch."

His biggest ideas? Store-bought stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, and pre-cut vegetables are the biggest time savers.  You can always jazz up these things with your own twists.

Putting a twist on an easy dish doesn't have to be complicated. Using fresh herbs, certain sweeteners, or other crunch toppings for specific dishes can doll up a dish without putting in the extra effort. 

Spend more time relaxing this Thanksgiving day!

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