The Best Rock Guitarists Who Ever Lived

Ever since people figured how to plug a guitar into a box that makes it louder, guitar playing has evolved to a state where some consider it has peaked. Here is a collection of some individuals that helped bring guitar playing to where it is today.

Brian May (Queen)

Brian May helped carve out a consistent sound for Queen. Freddie Mercury held most of the stage attention, but Brian’s playing always shined through. His use of complex yet catchy minors is still being applied today.


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The More You Know

  • Led Zeppelin came up with the title “Black Dog” after a gigantic, black labrador walked into their studio.
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd is named after a high school teacher, Leonard Skinner, who suspended students for having long hair.
  • Bob Dylan said on his school yearbook that his ultimate dream was being in Little Richard’s band.
  • Before they became (arguably) the biggest pop act of all time, The Beatles had a hard time convincing record labels to sign them. In 1962, they were rejected by Decca Records, whose boss said “guitar groups are on the way out.”
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