The Best Home Repair Hacks from Your Local Repairman

Making a house into a home is no easy (or cheap) task. There's an awful lot of work to get done, so why not do it in the most cost-efficient and effective ways possible? These awesome repairman-approved home hacks will help save you some money and some headaches...

Hooked In

Command hooks are basically one of the best innovations of the 21st century. They've seriously got an endless list of uses. When it comes to your trash can, command hooks come in handy for keeping the bag secure. Place the hooks on the sides of the cans and loop the ties around them, that way the bag won't slide down into the can, and it's super easy to tie and remove. 


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The More You Know

  • Virginia is the only state that has the same state flower and state tree, the Dogwood.
  • The "Like" button on Facebook was supposed to be the "Awesome" button.
  • Tic Tacs got their name from the sound they make.
  • Tree seeds were taken into orbit and planted as "Moon Trees."
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