The Best Home Repair Hacks from Your Local Repairman

Just a Little Olive Oil

Sure, you could use WD-40 to oil hinges, but why waste the money on that product when you could use something you already have in the cupboard? You can simply take a small amount of olive oil and drip it into the hinges to fix that squeaky cabinet instead. 


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The More You Know

  • Commercial flights were allowed to fly any course to their destination and would often detour over points of interest. This ended in 1956 when two planes crashed mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.
  • Nintendo was founded in 1889. Before it sold video games, the Japanese company specialized in playing cards.
  • If you find your fitted sheets slipping off the corners of your bed, look no further than your closet for an easy fix. Just use a pair of elastic suspenders, clipping one end to each corner under the mattress, and your sheet will stay put.
  • Simply store your ice cream cartons in ziplock bags to keep them as soft and easy to scoop as they were the day you bought them.
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