Texas Roadhouse Was the Most Popular Chain Restaurant During the Pandemic

The restaurant industry took a huge blow in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. No longer were guests filling restaurants and clinking glasses,  instead, they were calling in for to-go orders and ordering takeout through GrubHub.

According to marketing research company, Top Data, the most popular chain restaurant to order to-go meals from in the US during the pandemic was Texas Roadhouse. The sample looked at the 48 contiguous states, 15 of which selected Texas Roadhouse as their top to-go chain restaurant.

Old reliable, Olive Garden, followed closely behind in second place, as it took the top spot in 12 states. As for the other states, Florida favorited Outback Steakhouse, while Massachusetts enjoyed Chili's, and Mississippi chowed down on some Waffle House. Montana went for seconds at Applebee's, and North Carolina rolled up their sleeves and dug into some Longhorn Steakhouse.

Although dining out will forever be changed thanks to COVID-19, diners should always be more thrilled to get out of their own homes and back to a restaurant once again.

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