Terminally Ill Dog Gets One Last Mountain Hike with His Owner

Ten-year-old, Monty, and his owner, Carlos Fresco, loved nothing more than their hikes and walks all over their home country of Wales. 

When Monty fell ill, however, Carlos was determined to share one last journey together. 

The pair loved venturing to the Brecon Beacons, so Carlos decided to return with Monty, and with the help of his friends, hiked up to the peak of Pen y Fan with Monty in a wheelbarrow.

 "...total strangers asked if they could share in pushing Monty on his last journey—and many total strangers shed a tear as we all love dearly our little four-legged friends," Carlos shared.

Sadly, Monty passed away on June 21st after battling Leukemia for 18 months. 

"That little guy touched so many lives. Made everyone he came into contact with smile and just take a moment to reflect how sometimes life’s not that bad."

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