Ten-Year-Old is Making Videos to Empower Kids During Quarantine

Ten-year-old Sydney wasn't having the greatest time in quarantine, in fact, she was feeling a bit hopeless, so she and her mom decided to take action.

Instead of sitting home and sulking, Sydney and her mom have begun producing videos to share important information for other children to know during this strange time.

Together, they started filming videos using Story Maker, educational software that her mom uses in her classroom in Everett, WA. Their videos are called "Kids Coping with COVID-19" where they share activities to keep busy, how to still have "playdates," and unique ways that kids can help out healthcare workers during this time.

Sydney's most recent video shares a way kids can help find unused PPE by emailing their teachers or asking school administrators if there is protective gear in their school's science labs that can be donated to hospitals and first-responders. Schools may have gloves and goggles on hand in their science labs that are currently not being used. 

Sydney suggests donateppe.org for donating the supplies, and she hopes that her videos help inspire kids who are feeling a little hopeless right now and want to find a way to help out their communities. 

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