Ten Mile Wide ‘Stranger Things’ Corn Maze Appears in Indiana

No, this isn’t a sign from aliens. Or an elaborate hoax. The maze was created by a company that specializes in corn mazes such as this one in order to promote the show in Lafayette, Indiana. It was easier than you’d think.

Posted by Exploration Acres on Monday, July 23, 2018

Exploration Acres is a company that specifically makes corn mazes in all different types of designs for clients (yes, really). CEO Tim Fitzgerald says, “new technology allowed us to plant the maze design like an inkjet printer, dropping seeds into the precise design we imagined.”

Crazy, right? This wasn’t even something that Netflix or the Stranger Things crew did… It was all on Exploration Acres! They did this because they loved the show so much and decided to pay a very particular homage.

They’ve done plenty of others in the past, such as the Statue of Liberty, their own anniversary, and even an homage to 1960’s America. What a place!

Our opening day will be Thursday September 12th at 4 pm. Tickets can be purchased on line at explorationacres.com or at our admission booth when you arrive. We hope to see you this fall.

Posted by Exploration Acres on Monday, September 2, 2013

You can visit their corn maze and try and figure it out yourself!

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