Taco Bell’s New Cravings Menu Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

At the end of the month, leading into 2019, Taco Bell will launch a new Cravings Value Menu with items ranging from $1-$5.

Praise the taco gods.

The tacos and burritos section will include the spicy potato soft taco, cheesy bean and rice burrito, and beefy Fritos burrito. Another category lists triple-layer nachos, a cheesy roll-up, a spicy tostada, shredded chicken mini quesadilla, and a beefy mini quesadilla. And then, for dessert, you can choose between Cinnamon twists and Cinnabon delights.

There are two $5 offerings that are both box deals. The Chalupa Supreme Box comes with a Chalupa Supreme (obviously), a crunchy taco, a beefy five-layer burrito, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink. The Grande Burrito Box contains a Three Cheese Nacho Grande Burrito, nacho cheese Doritos Locos tacos, a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink.

So cruise on over to your local Taco Bell on the 27th get your hands on the Cravings Menu—see you there.

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