Tabasco Diamond Reserve Hot Sauce is Back Once Again

Hot sauce lovers, now’s your chance. Tabasco Diamond Reserve Hot Sauce, by McIlhenny Company, is available again.

In April, the company announced the launch of the premium hot sauce, presented in a Champagne-style bottle, to celebrate the 150th anniversary. It’s made from a selection of the finest tabasco peppers on Louisiana Avery Island.

“We’re excited to share our newest sauce and look forward to seeing the dishes and drinks that are created using it,” said Tony Simmons, President and CEO of McIlhenny company.

The sauce quickly sold out when it was first released, but now it’s been restocked for the holiday gift-giving season. Their website even tells you how many bottles are left.

The sauce can be purchased online at and retails for $34.95.

Got a hot sauce fan on your list? Make their holiday wishes come true with the “champagne” of hot sauces.

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