Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Shows Us The Real Struggle To Get Good Family Photos

Chrissy Teigen just recently had another baby with hubby John Legend, baby Miles. Along with their 2-year-old daughter Luna, that makes this adorable family of four pretty unstoppable when it comes to cuteness!

It’s easy to get fooled by Instagram when these models and actress’s post their seemingly flawless photos, especially when they look like supermom.

Well, Teigen is always one to break that mold. She posted to Instagram just how hard it is to get good photos with her two kids.

It looks like she chose the one where her face looks good but Luna is over it and Miles’ head looks unsupported.

Word to the wise, moms, always choose the one you look best in. You just birthed these humans, show yourself off a bit!

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