Superintendent Uses His $10,000 Bonus On Paying Student Application Fees

Schools can often receive little funding, and one superintendent knew his first $10,000 bonus would be better used in other ways. Instead of pocketing the money for himself, 44-year-old Grant Rivera decided to use the funds to cover college application fees for his high school students.

Rivera has been a member of the Marietta School District in Georgia for 3 years. He is eligible for a bonus every three years, making this the first bonus he’s received. “I don’t believe that a bonus provided by the board should be earned on the backs of the teachers,” said Rivera of his decision.

The graduating class of the district reaches about 500, and Rivera estimates only 150 to 200 of these students will apply for college. He says “My hope is that [the money is] an incentive for kids to do the right thing.”

In the event that the fees empty the $10,000 budget, Rivera plans on paying out of pocket for the remaining student’s expenses. If there is leftover money from the bonus, the money will be used to fund college tours in Georgia.

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