Subway Announces Halo Top Milkshakes Coming Soon

Subway has always tried to position itself as the healthiest fast food option. The store offers fresh vegetables and very few fried options, and now, it offers “healthy” milkshakes. Halo Top, the low-calorie ice cream brand, will be making its fast food debut in Subway milkshakes.

Starting on July 22, select locations will offer the low-calorie sweet treat in stores. The ice cream is high in protein and calcium as well, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fitness goals. While the shakes will also have 27 grams of sugar and 11 grams of fat, it’s still a far cry from traditional caloric milkshakes.

Prices for the shake will vary on one of the 1,000 locations serving the delicious treats. Each shake clocks in at about 300 calories. Usually, Halo Top is only served in one of its LA stores or bought in a grocery store. This is the first, but likely not the last, partnership Halo Top plans to join.

“Many additional markets are eager to begin offering our handspun Halo Top milkshakes, and I anticipate guests across the country will be encouraging us to expand,” said Len Van Popering, the chief brand and innovation officer. He hopes that guests will experience the brand in a “never-before-seen way.”

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