Starbucks reveals new holiday-themed tumblers

Starbucks loves its mugs and tumblers, and so do its customers.

It's that time of year! Starbucks is releasing its new holiday collection for its classic mugs and tumblers. The collection ranges from color-changing cups to fall themes to winter themes.

The color-changing cup is one of the most anticipated. The outside of the tumbler will change when hot or cold liquid is added. These also come in a six-pack. Don't worry, there's a straw that also changes colors.

There's also a "Bling Cold Cup" that comes in black, ice, and other jewel winter colors. This cup is for those who love a cold drink in the winter!

It's also releasing two new items in the 2021 Christmas Reserve collection in three Reserve locations: Chicago, New York, and Seattle. 

Are you going to treat yourself to a new cup or tumbler?

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