Starbucks Is Dropping Some Spooky New Halloween Cups

Get your witches' brew ready, because Starbucks is coming out with some seasonally-appropriate Halloween gear for caffeine-lovers everywhere.

The Halloween merch collection has caused quite a stir on social media already. The franchise revealed a glimpse of the Halloween set, including a series of sparkly, oh-so-haunting tumblers. The unofficial nickname for the black and purple tumbler is the "Dark Bling Cold Cup," which seems pretty fitting.

The stunning tumbler dropped last month on August 25, the same day as the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte returned to menus in time for fall.

One new addition to the Halloween drinkware line includes an updated take on the Starbucks "spiked" cup, which bears a spooky black iridescent facade. The tumbler is available only at Target.

A representative for the franchise says that even more Halloween-themed merchandise will be available come October, which is right around the corner.

Starbucks even set up a new hotline for those who can't wait to celebrate the new season: 833-438-3255. While the company has yet to confirm all the details surrounding the brand new collection, people will eagerly await more news.

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