Starbucks Introduces New Pink Flamingo Frappuccino

Two years ago, the magical Unicorn Frappuccino was inaugurated as one of Starbucks’ strangest specialty drinks. The drink was a blue, pink, and glitter-filled concoction that left patrons intrigued and bewildered.

Now, here for a good time (but probably not a long time), is the newest IG-worthy Starbucks drink, the Pink Flamingo Frappuccino.

Before you run to the nearest Starbucks, the drink is not available in the U.S. It’s exclusive to customers in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Central America.

If you happen to be traveling or living in one of the aforementioned countries, grab this gram-worthy beverage before time runs out.

The drink is strawberry-flavored, hence the pink hue, but is also topped with cookie pieces and whipped cream.

We’ll be over here counting down the minutes until the U.S. gets a new drink…

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