Man Opens a Shocking Gift From His High School Sweetheart 47 Years After They Broke Up

Breakups are tough. Even if it’s something chosen by one partner, both parties usually feel the void and sadness that comes along with the end of a relationship. The time after a breakup is strange. Some people go out and try to keep their minds off of the situation while others stay at home to give themselves some alone time.

One thing a lot of folks do is throw away all the mementos that were collected throughout the duration of the relationship. Adrian Pearce, however, had other ideas…

First Love

Adrian met his girlfriend Vicki Allen in high school. They became inseparable and dated for almost two years. When their relationship came to an unfortunate end, Vicki still cared for Adrian and wanted to leave him with a parting gift to remember their time together…


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The More You Know

  • 27,000 tress are cut down every day to become toilet paper.
  • The space between your eyebrows is called the glabella.
  • Sesame Street is now a real place.
  • A Boeing 747 airliner is made of over 6,000,000 separate parts.
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