Someone Made Carrie Underwood Into A Cheese Sculpture

Carrie Underwood is country music royalty, so she has some pretty intense fans. This one takes the cake, or rather, the cheese. One Underwood fan gifted the singer a 40-pound block of cheese in her likeness. Needless to say, the singer was completely speechless.

She received the present in the cheese capital of America: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While this gift is certainly an amazing piece of craftsmanship, it’s a little creepy. The gift is even more unexpected since Underwood has been vegan since 2011.

Though the actual creator is unnamed, it’s likely a culinary artist at the city’s Fiserv Forum. The cheese sculpture is designed to be look like the album cover for Underwood’s “Cry Pretty” tour.

Underwood’s tour is set to complete in October of this year. Hopefully it’s a gouda show, but how bad could it really brie with a voice as sharp as hers? Honestly, what could be cheddar?

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