Someone Created Colored Pencil Nails That Actually Draw

As bizarre as this nail-style seems, it takes some serious skill to pull it off! Instagram user @nail_sunny has over 1.8 million followers because of her mad nail art skills.

The Russian nail salon has taken over Instagram with their innovative and somewhat hilarious version of colored pencils. Yes, those are her nails (albeit acrylic) but those really are the tips of colored pencils!

In the very popularly demanded video of the making of these nails, you see the artist using fake nails and painting them classic colored pencil colors. She then uses her skill to add some depth and to paint on some shadowing in order to give the nail the look of a real-life pencil.

In the end, she even paints on the ‘wooden’ part of the pencil and made it so realistic that some people couldn’t even tell the difference! We don’t blame this, this is pure eye trickery.

Lastly, the best part: the real colored pencil. In the video, you see the artist shaving down a real colored pencil in order to get the lead out. She then uses a dollop of nail glue on the underside of her nail in order to stick the pencil part on.

This was the hardest part as you want the pencil to be perfectly aligned to look real… Well, that is what she did!

Crayon nails ? #nailsunnytutorial video by @edo_movs

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