These Celebs Broke Social Norms and Wore Black Wedding Dresses

Despite how different every wedding is, they're usually always based around the same traditions. There's a ceremony and reception, brides maids and grooms men, and a distinctive dress code. Most brides wear white, but some celeb brides decided to do the total opposite. 

Christine Quinn is a reality star on the show Selling Sunset, which gained popularity during the summer of 2020 as many folks were stuck inside. Quinn actually wrote two custom dresses by the same designer!

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been on top of her fashion game. When she got married to Matthew Broderick in 1997, she donned an elegant black dress by Morgane Le Fay. Kleinfeld sent out a tweet commemorating the iconic outfit. 

Chloe Seviny took it even further by not wearing a traditional "gown" but a sleek, black outfit. She married art director Sinisa Mackovic Sinisa Mackovic. They welcomed their son into the world two months after. 

Are black wedding dresses in? Or are most people going to stick with the white?

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