Get Ready for the New Girl Scout Cookie: Adventurefuls

The Girl Scouts are back at it again with some new treats! They've officially released the Adventurefuls cookie. If you're a fan of brownie and caramel, then this may just be your new obsession.

The Adventurefuls cookie consists of a gooey and thick brownie cookie with a delicious caramel center topped with some sea salt. 

"Adventurefuls take cookie lovers on a delicious taste adventure just like Girl Scouts go on their own amazing adventures through the program," the organization said.

The cookies are supposed to represent the adventures that members of the Girl Scouts get into while they are with the organization. 

"Whether they’re using their STEM skills to solve a problem, changing a law to help their community, having a courageous outdoor experience, or starting an innovative nonprofit, Girl Scouts build a better future for themselves and the world," GSUSA said in a statement. "Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, not only do girls become entrepreneurs as they gain hands-on experience running their own small business, but they also earn money to fuel their Girl Scout adventures, which catapult them where they want to go."

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