Actor Julian Morris ("New Girl," "Pretty Little Liars") Came Out On Instagram

Julian Morris was a fan favorite heartthrob in Pretty Little Liars and decorated guest star in New Girl, among other roles. The 38-year-old has been in the spotlight for a bit, but his sexuality wasn't. Until today!

Morris recently posted a carousel on Instagram with his long-time boyfriend, Landron Ross. The couple had just celebrated their 18th anniversary!

Morris wrote, "18 years together, and they were the best ones because they were with you. I love you @landonross."

Ross had posted some photos of Morris here and there but nothing made it obvious that they had been together. That's why Morris' post was such a surprise! Plus, the fact that they had been together for nearly 20 years is incredible. 

Ross posted something just as sweet on Instagram, saying, "Beginning our 19th year is the best thing in life. I love you." 

Hopefully, these two can celebrate many more anniversaries together! 

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