The Amazing Challah Menora

It's nearing the end of Hannukah, but that doesn't mean your recipes have to dry up!

Cheryl Holbert of Nomad Bakery is the queen of Challah. So much so that she puts on her own Jewish twist to the bread...

"The 'Chanukiah' or nine-branch Chanukah Menorah is a natural for such a design," she told GMA in an interview. "My process begins with studying different artistic interpretations of the subject and then, much like a tapestry, unfolds into translating those which resonate with me into a new, original design which will hold its stability as bread, as well as beauty and excitement as a piece of art."

Why not take Challah into a whole new experience? She perfectly recreates a nine-branch Chanukah Menorah to spread the holiday cheer.

Holbert provides organic, artisan bread to folks in Derry, New Hampshire and she has been for eight years! 

"From Challah to Barbari and beyond, which reflects my journey of uncovering an exploration into my own heritage, as well as my most recent challenging season as a caregiver and advocate for my terminally ill husband," she said in the interview. "Through it all, bread has been the faithful Companion and continues to give much more than it seeks to receive in return."

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