Dad Goes Viral After Finding Out Sneaky Way to Eat a Blizzard

Once you become a parent, nothing is yours anymore. You have to share everything or lie to your little one saying that what you're eating tastes bad or is only for adults. 

TikTokers Daryl and Olivia are the parents of two daughters named Hazel and Harper. The adorable video starts off with Daryl and their youngest, Harper, chilling on the couch with their snacks. Harper is totally zoned in on the TV (as toddlers are) but that doesn't mean Daryl is safe... He went to great lengths to keep his beloved Blizzard out of Harper's eyesight. 

Daryl went ahead and hit his blizzard in his jacket pocket. Making sure the coast is clear, he took one secret bite of his blizzard, all the while making sure that Harper was happily unaware of the situation. It was a great success!

Viewers loved this hilarious and relatable video. What parent hasn't gone through great lengths to hide their snacks from their nosy kids? 


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One parent wrote, "I wait until they're asleep and then binge eat junk food."

Another wrote, "My kids are so nosy, they would have been trying to see why my arm kept moving."

Parenting is truly a lifestyle!

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